The first project day of our STEM to STEAM project in Bruges was definitely a success. Lecturers and students from Howest and teachers and pupils from Middle School Bruges worked around the three topics in our theme: seeing, hearing and experiencing STEAM, using the trigger ‘What if we could change size?’

In the seeing group, they discovered the process of magnification using the Greenscreen app with interference of scientific knowledge. We were inspired by the book ‘Gulliver’s travels’ from Jonathan Swift and used this as a starter.

The hearing group created own musical instruments using everyday materials to accompany a song sung by the pupils of another country in their native language.

Lastly within the experiencing group gigantic butterflies were created, made out of paper, card and other materials.

During the day, there were some Skype sessions with our DLaB partners. The pupils introduced themselves and asked questions about the STEAM activities going on. A lot of pictures were taken by the participants, we shared them on the Tweetbeam that was displayed on several screens on the campus of either the Middle School Bruges and Howest.

At the end of the day, we were very satisfied with the work and had quite a lot of materials to share.