Welcome to Week 3 which focuses on Evaluating Design Thinking and STEAM

Within this section we focus on Evaluating Design Thinking and STEAM and the sub topic of What if one of our senses changed?

The structure for this section

There are several parts to this section:

  • First there is an evaluation of how STEM to STEAM and Design Thinking work together.
  • Next, within part A: See and Think we share our work with you across three units, Seeing STEAM, Experiencing STEAM and Hearing STEAM, all related to the sub topic of What if one of our senses changed?
    • You will review the three units. Each contains an introductory case study, some examples from practice and a lesson plan which could be a starting point for exploring the theme with your learners. This part will take you approximately 1 hour in total. You will then choose one unit idea to take forward to part B: Reflect.
  • For part B: Reflect we ask you to reflect and plan to develop a lesson idea. Here you can choose between two 30-minute tasks:
    • (more general) – reflect on how the ideas from this module relate to your previous teaching experiences and how they might impact on your future teaching.
    • (more specific) – develop a lesson idea based on one of the units and reflect on how you will put it into practice.
  • For part C: Share you will spend 15 minutes:
    • sharing your reflection by posting in the Online Community adding an image or link to illustrate your ideas if you can.
    • commenting on at least two of the other participants’ posts.

We are excited to hear your thoughts on the themes and hope that you will find it really useful to exchange ideas with everyone in the community.

To start, please click on Introduction: Evaluating Design Thinking and STEAM