Topic Progress:

You have now seen several case studies, examples and lesson plans.

Please now choose one of the themes to focus on. For example ‘Hearing STEAM: What if one of our senses changed?’.

Whatever you choose will be the only theme to focus on for the next two parts of B: Create/Reflect and C: Share.

Within B: Reflect you can choose between two tasks (approx. 30 minutes each):

  1. (more general) – reflect on your teaching. How could you implement some of the things you have learned in this section? How do these ideas compare with STEAM activities you have already carried out?
  2. (more concrete/specific) – prepare a lesson plan (1-2 lessons) based on one of the units from this section and reflect on that.

If you have chosen 1. you may wish to think about:

  • What experiences do you already have?
  • In what areas would like to stretch yourself?
  • What new skills do you need to learn?
  • Who can help you?
  • What resources do you have to hand?
  • Can you arrange to access any new resources?
  • What themes are coming up in your curriculum?
  • What else do you need to think about?

If you have chosen 2. you may wish to use this blank lesson plan to help you develop your ideas:
Lesson plan template

When are you going to run this lesson? Make plans to put it into practice.

After you have completed this, click on Mark complete below to progress to C: Share.