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STEM to STEAM online course certificate

Why not now apply for a STEM to STEAM online course certificate?

Well done for completing the final week of the STEM to STEAM MOOC that focuses on What if one of our senses changed?

We hope you found some interesting ideas that you can use in your teaching and that you’ve enjoyed joining in the conversations.

We’ve been delighted to see ideas tried out in different contexts around the world. Thank you to everyone for sharing. This is without doubt the most valuable part of the course.

Here are some suggestions for possible next steps:

  1. If you post your reflections on G+ for each of the three weeks you can apply for a STEM to STEAM certificate and badge. Please email to let us know you would like a certificate and we’ll send you a PDF certificate and badge.
  2. Continue to join in our community and share ideas. We will make all of this year’s MOOC contents and the community available to anyone who has subscribed. We would love to keep the community alive ready for our MOOC on the theme of CLiL (Content and Language integrated Learning) next year. You will be automatically enrolled on this course. We will contact you with details closer to the time.
  3. If you would like to complete a more formal qualification, we run a fully online course at the University of Northampton which can be studied at a distance and leads to a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Computing. This qualification is worth a third of a master’s degree. Find out more here: or email
  4. Choose another educator from the community and suggest that you plan together to connect your classrooms for a collaboration of your own.

We hope to continue talking to you all on the online community and look forward to sharing ideas again within our MOOC in Spring 2019 which will be held on this same site!

All best wishes from the DLaB team

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