Seeing Group

On the second project day, we talked to the kids about space. The overall goal of the day was to create a new school in space. Denmark was focusing specifically on the gym/sports center.

The beginning of the lesson was used on showing them videos and talking to them about gravity, so they had ideas on how they could build a gym in space. And then we introduced the students to the program CoSpaces EDU, where they could design their own buildings online. They experimented with the program for about an hour.

Afterwards, they prepared for a Skype call with the Belgian students. They prepared questions and a song to show and teach them. The Skype session started off a bit rocky due to internet problems, but once it was up and running the kids had fun asking and answering questions. The Belgian students had also prepared a game for the Danish students to play, and they enjoyed that very much.

Then it was time to plan and build the gym with art supplies. They were split into groups, each group was given a cardboard cutout to build their rooms on.

The rest of the day was spent on them working on their designs and project. They were successfully able to factor in the element of space in their designs.

For example, one group was talking about having four walls with basketball hoops on them so that people could fly around and shoot hoops.
It was evident that they understood what we had talked to them about earlier about space, and they were very excited about the project.

They put great thought into designing it. Their work was very detailed and thorough.

To finish the space models, we continued our work with the students the following day. At the end of the day the space models were done and the students presented their products in a film that we uploaded to etwinning.

Hearing group

The theme for the second project day was space and the atmosphere was created by a tweet from the International Space warning System that warned us about an asteroid coming towards our planet and forcing us to leave Earth behind.

Hence, we looked towards the sky and tried to figure out how to get to Uranus.

Once the first thoughts got on the paper, the students created a blueprint of a spaceship – each of them with a fun design element. That done, the next task was to make a model of that sketch.

Every student tackled the task in different ways – who used plastic bottles, who put sparkle on their spaceship and who used paper and cardboard. The craft room filled with ideas and emotions, struggles and solutions.

One could sense the atmosphere of design and engineering.

While students were working on their spaceships a new tweet had popped up on ISWSs twitter page: students had to think of sounds they would miss and they would like to bring with them to space.

Soon they ran out the classroom to catch and record sounds of the nature, animals and their language. Some walked all the way home to gather sounds from their house.

When everyone were back from their sound-adventure, students made small musical performances with those sounds using HotSpots.

The day ended with small performances and reflections on what are the sounds we are so used and hold close to our hearts.