Partner Profiles: Norway

Norwegian Partners at a Glance

There are two partner institutions from Norway:

Spetalen Skole

  • A primary school, with pupils from 1st to 7th grade.
  • 235 students and 28 teachers.
  • Situated in Saltnes, in Råde municipality, at the South East part of the Oslo fjord.

Østfold University College Norway

  • 7,000 students and 550 members of staff.
  • Located in the southeast part of Norway, between the capital city Oslo and the Swedish Border.

Spetalen school, Råde,Norway

  • Spetalen school is situated in Saltnes, in Råde municipality, at the South East part of the Oslo fjord.
  • We are lucky to have both the forest and the fjord close by, and we use our surroundings for outdoor schooling, hikes and other activities. If we have snow during the winter, we can go cross country skiing right from our school yard.
  • We also have two small cabins down by the beach, on Ellingstranda, where we keep all our outdoor science equipment.
  • Spetalen is a primary school, with pupils from 1st to 7th grade.
  • The school year 2016-2017, we have around 235 students divided on 13 groups.
  • The autumn 2016, there were 28 teachers in full- and part-time positions at our school.

Large parts of the old school were torn down during the summer of 2016.

While we are waiting for the new Spetalen school to be built, we have a temporary school.

It consists of four buildings:

  • A steel barracks with 4 classrooms, lunch room for the staff, team rooms and administration offices.
  • A wooden barracks with 8 classrooms.
  • Ahouse with a classroom and three group rooms.
  • A barracks for pupils from 1st to 4th grade, who have an activity/caretaking offer after school. This barracks also contains an office for the school nurse.

The new school will be ready in January 2018. We are really looking forward to moving in.

Our school slogan: A good place to be, a good place to learn!

We are a “RESPECT school”, which means that everyone has to follow the same set of rules, and that we all work to prevent bullying in school, by creating effective classroom management , built on:

  1. Rules and procedures
  2. Teacher – student relationships
  3. Teacher’s mental set
  4. Teacher’s didactical competence

  • Every classroom in our school, is equipped with Smart Boards,  Smart Document cameras, and laptops for the pupils. The pupils in 5th-7th grade, have one laptop each.
  • All the teachers also have their own laptop, and all the teachers use Smart Notebook.
  • This year we changed our platform, from Itslearning to Onedrive for Business and One Note.
  • The staff at Spetalen have a lot of experience, working with international projects and ICT –projects. We participated in one of the first Comenius projects in Norway, from 1995-2000.
  • We were also part of the ENIS-network, The national network of schools working to find innovative ways of using ICT in education, and we have participated in numerous eTwinning projects.
  • The school also have several educated teacher trainers, and every year we get one or two groups of students from Østfold University College.
  • This give us a unique possibility to offer the students, involved in this project, a possibility to come to our school, and try out various digital tools and ways of teaching.

DLaB project participants – Spetalen school, Råde,Norway

This year we have 2nd, 6th and 7th grade participating in our DlaB project.

The classes have written an introduction themselves:

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  • In 2nd grade at Spetalen skole we have worked in the subtheme project «Creating trails».
  • In this group, there are 18 students, 7 girls and 11 boys. We are an active group with lots of energy and humour.
  • We love playing games, doing outdoor activities, and being social with each other.
  • We have used green screen to show there free time activities, and have met the other year 2 students from Denmark and England, and learned about the other countries.
  • The next part of the project will be to introduce our homes and streets during Christmas, and look at the Christmas traditions in the other countries.
  • The teacher students working with us in this project, have gotten to know the class well, and the pupils enjoy it when they are visiting and love working with them.

We are 6a at Spetalen.

  • All the people in the class are born in 2005, except our teacher, Hilde,who says she is 29!
  • We don’t have a classroom together with all the other classes. We have our own cottage in the woods.
  • Our music teacher has lived in our classroom when she was young! It used to be the home of the teachers working at our school.
  • We have been in a lot of eTwinning projects throughout the years: eTwinning Bird,Busy Bumble Bees, eTwinning Tree and Health and Nature. This year we also participate in this Erasmus+ project, and we work on both  Creating trails and Outdoor Science, together with our teacher students.
  • Our first project was in second grade. We have a group of students every year. This year we have two. We have a lot of fun with our students! They work in our class 3 weeks every semester, so they can learn how it is to have a class and be a good teacher.

We are class 6b, at Spetalen in Norway.

  • We are 17 people in class,12 girls and 5 boys. This year we have our classroom in the barracks. It is nice and big. We like it a lot.
  • We have nice and cool teachers. We like to play Catch the flag, football and The shark is coming.
  • We are part of The Outdoor Science Group. We also participate in etwinning projects like eTwinning Tree and Health and Nature.
  • We have a lot of fun in our class, and we take good care of each other. Her name is Hilde Erikse.
  • We are the 7 th graders at Spetalen school.
  • This year we participate in Art in the Environment.
  • We are 35 students in the 7th grade. All together we are 16 girls and 19 boys . Right now our classrooms are in barracks, because we are building a new school. Our new school is done in about a year
  • We have many different subjects like: English, Norwegian, science, social studies, math, P.E and art. In our recess we play football, we talk, dance and have fun.

Østfold University College Norway

Østfold University College aim to develop and promote the region of Østfold through high quality teaching, research & development and dialogue!

  • Østfold University College has around 100 studies taught in new and modern premises.
  • The university college has a total of just under 7,000 students. There are nearly 3,600 ordinary students at campus Halden, nearly 2,400 ordinary students at campus Fredrikstad, and nearly 1,000 students are taking continuing and further education programmes under the auspices of HiØ VIDERE (Centre for Continuing Education) at both campuses.
  • The school has more than 550 members of staff.
  • Students have good opportunities to take parts of their studies abroad. Østfold University College facilitates flexible education solutions.

Welcome to Østfold University College Norway

We are proud to be part of the project Digital Learning Across Boundaries and welcome international students and colleagues to an open minded and creative cooperation the next years!

Our education of teachers are now nationally certified as two 5 years master programmes, for 1. To 7. Grade teachers and for 5. To 10.grade teachers.

We have a strong focus on profession and close cooperation with our partner schools about the quality of the students´practical training in placement.

The teachers work together in interdisciplinary teams;  responsible for planning and organising the studies, coordinating the teaching  and  guiding the students through  their academic year.

We are engaging our students in innovative cooperation with Young Entrepreneurs as part of their education and focus on ICT as an integrated part of  teacher education!

We also have an active international profile and offer a period of placement as student teachers in Malawi and Thailand for some students + study abroad in USA and  Australia, as well as European countries. Next fall we plan implement an international semester called Nordic Citizenship Education 1 (30 ects) for incoming students. International students can also be enrolled in ordinary courses in English language and Art & Design.

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