Partner Profiles: Denmark

Danish Partners at a Glance

There are two partner institutions from Denmark:

Klarup Skole

  • Located in the Aalborg Municipality
  • Working on sub-themes: Wild Writing, Outdoor Science and Creating Trails

University College of Northern Denmark

  • 8000 full-time and 9000 part-time students
  • 800 staff
  • 40 degree programmes
  • Situated in Hjørring, Denmark

Klarup Skole

Klarup Skole is the only school in the Aalborg Municipality to have an international profile. Our aim is to strengthen the international perspective in our daily work and through different initiatives and projects.

We want our pupils to see themselves as international citizens and that they get to strengthen both language skills and cultural understanding.

Examples of how we work to strengthen the international profile at the school:

  • Right now Emma from China works as an exchange teacher at Klarup School. Emma teaches all her classes in English. In the future, more classes will be taught in English.
  • This year we have an exchange student From Australia in the 8th grade.
  • Klarup School has a steering committee, which works to enhance the international dimension of the whole school. Among other things, they plan the annual international week where the students work with different aspects of cultural understanding, e.g. the new Global Goals.
  • Klarup School is twinned with schools in Beijing, Bruxelles and Sweden.  You can find the cooperation agreements here.
  • We sponsor a child in Tanzania via the organisation The Small Things  letter from the organisation (link)
  • We have a made our own European School Development Plan in which we describe our goals as an international profiled school (link)
  • It is our goal that all pupils are a part of the E-twinning project

We focus on high grades in English, good relations with youth educations that focuses on language, Comenius Projects, guest teachers and students from abroad.

University College of Northern Denmark

For an introduction to the University College of Northern Denmark, please see the below Google slides:

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