Partner Profiles: Belgium

Belgian Partner Profile at a Glance

There are two partner institutions from Belgium:

Middenschool Brugge Centrum

  • Working on: Technology Outdoors theme

Howest, University College West Flanders

  • 6,000 full-time students.
  • Howest consists of five campuses situated in Bruges and Kortrijk.

Middenschool Brugge Centrum

Presentation of the school

Middenschool Brugge Centrum is a school that provides high standard education within a pluralistic context. Our approach is based on three pillars: care, well being and commitment.

Young people not only need solid instruction, but they also need support in organizing their studies and how to learn. Because we are close to the students, we can quickly identify learning and other problems, and provide additional guidance. More talented individuals, who need more challenge, will be challenged with different exercises.

In our pedagogical approach we make room for varied and interactive teaching, autonomous learning and group work. The unique and comfortable class rooms, equipped with interactive smart boards, are a stimulation for the engagement of our young learners and quality education.

A positive school atmosphere encourages involvement and influence well being and therefore the motivation to learn. Our dynamic and enthusiastic team respects the youth, guides them and provides them with quality teaching and extra muros formative and recreational activities. We are working on a safe learning environment, where rules and agreements are a base for the good functioning of the school, with room for dialogue and mutual respect.

Apart from self-reflection and guidance throughout the learning process, our school also works with the students, so that they are able to deal with set backs, to improve their assertiveness and to handle conflict management.

Due to a good guidance team we get a good picture of the capabilities and future desires of your child. Consequently, our team is able to give your child a sound advice in terms of follow-up studies.


In the past I used mainly apps during my lessons such as :

  • iMovie : to make movies from project weeks or students festivities
  • Keynote : to make presentations
  • Bitsboard : easy app to make exercises based on pictures eg landscapes
  • Google Earth

Our school aims on one target: to get the best out of every student, taking into account everyone’s possibilities.

Howest, University College West Flanders

For an introduction to Howest, University College West Flanders, please see the below Google slides:

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