Project Description

The below are videos made by Canelle De Loddere, a student of Howest, during their outdoor activity week.

Transcript for the film above:

1 students of bachelor secondary education

2 in search for culture

3 sometimes somewhat less

4 to get involved is their goal

5 and really get into the subject

6 no fear of the dark

7 the students are great

8 the lecturers are as crazy

9 they bring an adventure as never told before

Transcript for the film above:

1 again they are looking for

2 something in the wilderness

3 they discover hidden secrets

4 that taste for more

5 what else do they discover

6 make up your hair and get ready

Transcript for the film above:

1 once upon a time

2 a group of students

3 on a new adventure

4 in a museum in Brussels

5 there was something very special happening

6 on a fascinating place

7 where you always have pleasure

8 and make wishes come true

9 in the museum of natural history