Project Description

The below is about Tiana Ackx’s participation in the sustainable project week in Middle School Bruges.


The second project I got involved with, was a sustainable project week. The students could choose a course that they wanted to do for a whole week. There were a lot of different subjects they could choose from, for example they could focus on fashion and make new clothes out of old ones. They could join the journalism team, and write about their project week. They could take cooking classes, etc.

I joined in with the sustainable art class. They made art out of garbage. The class was separated in five islands, and each one of them had another small project going on.

One table by example was making a shadow sculpture out of garbage. Another table made paper rolls out of old magazines, they would use these rolls to stick them onto a giant wooden plate. We played a little with the different colours the rolls had, and in the end, when all the rolls were sticking strongly onto the wood, you could see the school logo.

Another table made chairs out of old books, by stocking and gluing them together. The teachers also collected old toys. The children had to choose a colour to paint an old canvas, pick some toys in that same colour and had to glue them onto the canvas, once it was dry.

The pupils were allowed to do all of the islands, they did have to finish what they started.

I mostly helped with the paper rolls. I saw that the students were not that motivated to roll papers for a whole hour.  I figured I would make myself useful in that island. The students could do the other project pretty much on their own. As I said mentioned before, these students are very motivated, very respectful, so it was an honour to work with them.

Tiana Ackx – Howest student Bachelor of Primary Education